Technology that connects buyers to dealerships instantly

We offer the most advanced text messaging software platform for connecting leads to dealerships and nurturing those leads to a sale.

What we offer

Less hassle. More results.

Most dealers struggle with wasting thousands of dollars a year on ineffective advertising. We offer the most robust software platform for connecting leads to dealerships and nurturing them until a sale, so you can sell more cars with less waste.

Lead Generation

Connect all your lead sources

Dealerships across the country are spending more money than ever to reach car buyers and generate leads. However, many of these leads are wasted due to ineffective follow-up.


Real-time conversations with car buyers

The majority of car buyers prefer to communicate through SMS (text messages) when shopping. We make it easy for your dealership by providing a simple, yet powerful platform for you to communicate through their channel of choice.

Long-term follow-up

Smart, powerful follow-up funnels

With built in and customizable follow up funnels you can be sure your leads don’t fall through the cracks. We help you build the perfect messaging sequence that nudges cold leads to start back up a conversation with your dealership.


One centralized dashboard for all your campaigns

Every campaign, every performance metric and every lead is recorded in one easy-to-use dashboard. Continue to follow-up with old leads, check current campaign performance or monitor your staff's activity all in one place.

How we help

We are obsessed with helping you sell more cars.

We know you are the kind of dealership who wants to expand your marketshare and sell more cars. In order to do that, you need to amp up your advertising and find more potential buyers. The problem is, you’ve already spent thousands on ineffective advertising, which makes you feel like you’re just wasting money (which, sadly, you are).

We understand how hard it can be to connect with potential buyers online, from capturing their attention to maintaining the conversation on their timeframe. You deserve a targeted, cost-effective way to market to car shoppers and get leads to your dealership.

That’s why we at DealerFunnel have developed the most robust software platform for connecting leads to dealerships and nurturing them until a sale.


Facebook ads

Connect your Facebook page, run ads, view performance, capture leads and have conversations with those leads through SMS and Messenger with an easy-to-use dashboard.

SMS text messaging

Immediately connect to leads through SMS text messaging. We provide an instant, 2-way conversation with opted-in leads completely maintained in our dashboard.

CRM integration

We integrate with all automotive CRM's using industry standard ADF XML format. All lead information, including the entire conversation from origination to appointment is sent to you.

Longterm follow-up

Stop worrying about your staff following-up with unresponsive leads. We have pre-made funnels that will automatically follow-up with your leads for months until they're ready to buy.

Schedule appointments

Easily schedule appointments and view them in a calendar as well as automatically send customers confirmations and appointment reminders. Mark leads as showed and follow-up with no-shows.


Segment leads and blast just a few or thousands with a special offer in just a few minutes. When used properly blasts will create a huge opportunity for you to sell more cars.

Make calls

Easily make phone calls directly to leads captured in your campaigns. All incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded for review right within the lead profile.

Credit applications

Send a secure link to a mobile-ready credit application. The customer opens the link on their phone, completes the application and you receive a completed credit app in your CRM.


Create special offers and personalized vouchers that can be sent to a customer. Vouchers make customers feel special by making the offer both personalized and tangible.

Push notifications

Never miss a lead. Receive instant notifications on your mobile device when a new lead comes in or a lead is awaiting a response to an important question.

Mobile app

Get access to our top features through our iOS and Android apps. Talk to leads, view campaign performance, schedule appointments and more even when you're on-the-go.

Scheduled Messages

Set a specific date and time for a message to deliver. It could be hours, days or months in advance. Then just sit back and let us send it when it's time.

Saved replies

Create and save responses to commonly asked questions. There are many questions from customers that are asked frequently. Answer those messages with minimal effort.

BDC support

Our team of former dealership BDC reps and internet department managers can do all the follow-up for you or assist your staff with their conversations.

Support available 24/7

Any new platform can be a bit overwhelming at first. We'll be here to show you around and help you with everything from technical issues to conversation strategy.

With Dealer Funnel spending money on Facebook finally makes sense for our dealership.

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Mobile app

Use your phone to respond to leads instantly

Get access to our top features through our iOS and Android apps. Talk to leads, view campaign performance, schedule appointments and more even when you're on-the-go.

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