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As a dealership, it’s crucial to maintain communication with your leads to keep your sales pipeline active. A common mistake we see often is calling leads who aren’t expecting a call. Not only is this a waste of time, but it can also harm your dealership’s reputation and negatively impact your chances of closing a sale.

So, how can you stay in touch with your leads without disrupting them? The answer is simple: use text message to schedule a phone call. Texting is a more effective way to communicate with leads than traditional methods, such as phone calls.

According to a study by OpenMarket, 98% of text messages are read within three minutes, while only 24% of phone calls are answered. Additionally, text messages have a response rate of 45%, compared to just 6% for phone calls.

By sending a text message to schedule a call, you give the lead the option to choose when they want to speak with you, rather than interrupting them with an unexpected call. This approach can help to build trust and respect with the lead, which are essential for closing a sale. Additionally, by using text message to set up the call, you can also provide more information about the purpose of the call and what the lead can expect. This can help to ensure that the call is productive and that both parties are prepared for the conversation.

Furthermore, text messaging allows for a more informal and relaxed conversation, which can help build stronger relationships with customers. It also enables easy scheduling of follow-up messages, which can help you stay top-of-mind with your leads.

In conclusion, using text message to schedule a phone call is a valuable strategy because it gives leads a sense of control, improves the their experience, increases the productivity of the call, and helps build stronger relationships with them. It’s a simple but effective strategy that can boost your chances of closing a sale and help you stand out from the competition. Remember, text first!

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