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As a dealership, it’s crucial to have a reliable and efficient system in place for scheduling and confirming appointments. Whether it’s for test drives or service appointments, having a high confirmation rate can make a big difference in your dealership’s bottom line. That’s why dealerships that use texting see an increase of 30% in their booking or appointment confirmations.

Text messaging is a powerful tool that allows dealerships to quickly and easily schedule and confirm appointments with potential customers. The convenience and immediacy of text messaging makes it an ideal way to communicate with customers, and the confirmation rate is much higher than traditional methods such as phone calls and email.

With text messaging, customers can easily confirm appointments at their convenience and dealerships can quickly follow-up with customers who have not confirmed yet. Texting also allows for quick and easy appointment scheduling, which is important when it comes to test drives and other time-sensitive activities. Dealerships can use text messaging to remind customers of upcoming appointments and confirm their attendance, which can help reduce the number of missed appointments.

In addition to the convenience factor, text messaging also allows for easy record-keeping of customer interactions and appointments, which can be extremely valuable for follow-up and forecasting.

In short, text messaging is an effective way for dealerships to improve appointment confirmations, increase efficiency, and ultimately drive more business. With the ability to quickly and easily schedule and confirm appointments, text messaging can help dealerships build trust with potential customers and drive more business.

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