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As a dealership, connecting with potential customers is key to driving sales and growing your business. One way to do this is through text messaging, a communication method that is quickly becoming the preferred choice for millennials. Studies have shown that text messaging is the preferred communication method for 90% of millennials.

Dealerships can benefit greatly from incorporating text messaging into their communication strategies, as it enables them to connect with millennial customers in a way that is both convenient and private. Texting allows customers to ask questions and make inquiries without feeling pressured to make a purchase, which increases the chances of building trust and long-term relationships.

Text messaging also allows dealerships to easily track customer interactions, making it easier to follow up on leads and track the progress of sales. This is particularly useful for dealerships, as the process of buying a vehicle can be quite complicated and time consuming.

Text messaging also allows for quick and easy appointment scheduling, which is important when it comes to test drives and other time-sensitive activities. Dealerships can use text messaging to remind customers of upcoming appointments and confirm their availability, which can help reduce the number of missed appointments.

In addition, texting can be used to send personalized offers and promotions to potential customers, which can help drive sales and boost customer loyalty. Dealerships can also use text messaging to gather customer feedback and improve their overall customer service.

In short, text messaging is an effective way for dealerships to connect with millennial customers and boost sales. By incorporating SMS into your marketing strategy, you can increase engagement, build trust and long-term relationships, and drive results.

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